Things i read this week and you should too. 7/3/2014

Here is this weeks installment on blogs i read this week and thought you should read them too.


A great review of the research paper about eating meat is as bad as having 20 cigarettes a day.

Do you have it in you to be super?

Recovery strategies from the one and only Joel Jamieson

This is more for the athlete among you. But don’t discount it. If you wake up feeling average and still go in and punch out a hard session, you could be doing yourself more harm than good.  You need a way to gauge how you feel. I will be bringing this system into the workouts once I fine tune it to suit everyone’s lifestyles.

Is timing your meals around your workouts a waste of time??

Think you are kicking arse on 6 hours sleep or less a night and performing you best. Think again

Regular Cardio will make you fat. So what should you do?

4 great exercises to a awesome core.

Interesting article on depression in the modern age.

Do calories matter in the overall picture?

Cool little info-graphic/cheat sheet on what fruits and veg to eat to get the phytonutrients(plant nutrients) you need

Get stuck into these over the weekend.

“Become the Influence”

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